Friday, June 5, 2015

Underwood Quiet Tab Deluxe

I posted a small picture of my new typewriter and Jack of A Kid, a Mouse, and a Typewriter guessed that it was Underwood Quiet Tab Deluxe, from 1956.  I will have more to tell about this spended machine in the days to come but check out the picture below.  Cody, the cool guy that I bought it from is totally into 50's, 60's vintage.  That's a 1953 Hotpoint Stove that he rescued for his house!


  1. That is one slick looking typewriter. You are very lucky to have it!

  2. Great to see it has a new home, enjoy!

    1. It was one of the hits of the Type-In - people typed on it all day!

  3. What a lovely machine, David! I have been seeking one for some time, but no luck yet! If you ever decide to sell, please don't hesitate to email me adambas AT yahoo DOT com. How do you find the type-feel? Snappy? Sluggish? Heavy? I have heard different things and was curious of your take. I really like doing my writing on the 50s Underwoods, personally, and hope to land one of these one day!

    Enjoy it, David and thanks for posting the photo!

  4. I would say solid and smooth. A pleasure to type on. I used it for some thank you notes at the end of the school year. I recently bought a Underwood Champion and I would say it is a very snappy typewriter. Of course it is quite different with its carriage shift vs. the segment shift on the Quiet Tab. What can I say, I love them both!