Sunday, May 29, 2016

Royal Visitor

Have I mentioned that I am the principal of an elementary school with some of the nicest children?  I have already written about the typewriter collecting 3rd grader with a Royal P and a QDL among other fine machines.  Many other children can often be found typing at the machines in my office along with this young collector.  Last week another 3rd grader told me about an old typewriter that his mother had bought him.  He asked if I could fix it and I agreed.  When his mother brought it in I found he had a 1955 QDL finished in shiny grey paint with white keys.  It wasn't broken at all.  It's carriage lock was engaged and its right margin was set in the middle of the page.  I showed him how this worked and fitted his machine with a new ribbon.  It's a spended machine that was well taken care of by its previous owner.  It even came with a typing pad.

One of the interesting things about this Royal are the Greek character keys: Alpha, Beta and Gamma.  I wonder if this is a special Fraternity model  or if the keys were specially ordered by the owner.  Any thoughts?