Wednesday, June 3, 2015

It was an L.C. Smith and a Remington

My sneak peak was a fun little contest and there were a number of good guesses. JustAnotherGuy was partially right at first, the putty colored machine was a Remington Standard which, I believe, is the same as a Super-Riter.  RobertG threw me for a loop guessing a Harry Smith which I guess could technically be right because Harry Smith refurbished many typewriters.  Maryech got both right - L.C. Smith #5 and a Remington Super-Riter (Standard).   Thanks for playing along with the comments.  I will have to wait until after this Saturday's Type-In before I give these two typers more attention.  The Remington has a broken drawcord but is otherwise in great shape - built like a tank!  The L.C. Smith actually types and just needs a cleaning.

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  1. Oh yay! Do I get a prize? How about your new Olympia? :)