Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Type-In News & Pictures

I was excited to see an article in Vermont's Seven Days newspaper about last weekend's type-in.  I am glad the event has gotten such a great response.  I will definitely be holding another type-in this fall.  

I'd also like to share some pictures of the fine machines that people brought to the type-in.  This first typewriter was brought in by Ryan McPhee. It might look common at first glance, being a Sears typewriter, but this "President" model has some special features.

First off, this is really a cross between Smith-Corona Silent Super and Galaxy 12 under the hood.  Secondly, this model types in cursive font.  Lastly, this particular typewriter has some unusual keys.  More specifically, the keys are unusual but the slugs are not.  Can you spot the difference?


  1. There's two nines! Factory error maybe?

    1. You found it! We were joking about whether the apprentice workers were sent to make Sears machines before they were moved over the the Smith-Corona line.

  2. Ha! I stared at that keyboard and couldn't see anything unusual and I thought to myself, "JustAnotherGuy will figure it out." How did I miss that extra 9?