Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Olympia-cast and a Sneak Peak

I put a new ribbon in my Olympia SM8 and took it out for a typecast. You can see that it types just as well as I thought it would.
And now for the sneak peak....I got two new typewriters today.  A parent at school who collected military antiques gave me a dog-tag pressing machine.  Quite a cool object but not something that fits in with my collection.  The husband of one of my teachers does collect military items and traded me two typewriters for it.  I only got to look at them for a few minutes, so here is a sneak peak at these two typers.  Can you guess what they are?


  1. Underwood 5 and Remington Super-Riter!

  2. My guess: LC Smith No 5 and Remington Super-Riter

  3. Very, very close. I had to look up what a "Harry Smith" was. Here is a link that explains it...