Sunday, February 5, 2017

Story Teller

I was contacted by a gentleman who had sought me out last fall to find a typewriter for his father.  His father is ninety-five years old and wanted to have a typewriter for his writing.  His family had first gotten him a Royal Epoch which worked for a while but soon failed him with its flimsy construction.  The Epoch is clearly a machine not built to withstand the typing of a nonagenarian. His son found my blog while searching for a genuine typewriter and I hooked him up with a 1950's Smith-Corona Sterling, which his father loved.  The only problem was the Sterling's elite type.  Not the best for ninety-five year old eyes.  He contacted me again to ask if I had a machine with pica type.  Fortunately, I had just gotten a hold of this 1961 Olivetti Studio 44.  After a bit of cleaning, it was on its way to the man's father who will use the machine to type stories from his lifetime.  This has been such a lovely turn of events.  As you can see from the service decal on the Olivetti, this typewriter has its own stories to tell as it traveled from the factory in Spain, to Berkeley, California in the 1960's (There have to be some stories there!) to an elderly man in New England writing his life stories.  Who knows, perhaps he went to college in California!

Monday, January 2, 2017

Typewriter Elves Visit

2017 has gotten off to a banner start as the typewriter elves left three machines on my porch this evening!  The owner of a local vintage shop left me a Royal 10 to take a crack at repairing a while ago.  She also promised to gift me an assortment of additional machines which were in disrepair.  You can imagine my surprise and delight to see a Royal 5 among the three machines that she left on my porch this evening!

The Remington is a total rust bucket and the Smith-Corona, while boring, will probably just need some cleaning.  But the Royal....oh the Royal will need some work but, as they say, it has great bones!  It will be a while until I can dedicate some time for restoration but what exciting prospects!  Thanks Gwen and Ben!

Friday, December 30, 2016

Rusty Royal

It pays to blog about typewriters.  A woman from a few towns over found this Royal P in her attic.  She found my blog after browsing the web and asked me if I was interested in buying it.  Seeing that it was a Royal P from the thirties,  I got my hopes up that it might have Vogue type.  I also wanted to keep it out of the hands of key choppers.  It turned out not to have Vogue type and is really rusty.  There is rust on the panels and the carriage return lever is rusted tight.  I am guessing it's from around 1931 as the case is square.  I will know for sure once I remove the rust from the serial number!  On the plus side, lots of its green paint is still in tact, it types, and the keys are in great shape.  It should make a nice restoration project.