Saturday, September 5, 2015

Labor Day Corona

Labor Day, a day to celebrate the worker and the end of summer- and yard sales!  I live near the college town of Northfield, VT which puts on a great Labor Day celebration.  I figured a college town would have to have typewriters at it's sales, and I was right!  After checking four or five tag and yard sales, I followed a sign for a barn sale and came across a woman who was clearing out some things from her parent's old barn.  One of those things was this mint condition Corona Four Bank from the 1920's.  I figure around 1924-27 with the serial # V1A08498.  I couldn't believe the price....$15   Yup, I didn't leave any zeros off, fifteen dollars.  What a way to celebrate labor day!

Not a typewriter, but check out this little rail car that the
fire department uses on the tracks that pass the station!


  1. What a gorgeous find at a great price! I covet your Corona's ribbon spool covers. My Corona is missing her spool covers, and I have been trying to make respectable replacements.

  2. Excellent pickup, and a fantastic price! (:

    V= Black Duco
    1A= Jan/Feb 1930

    If you upload this to the TWDB, can you get a very close-up and clear pic of the serial number? We're still not real clear if there's a visible difference between a V1A0 serial number and a V1AO serial, although the 1940 V1AO would be exceedingly rare and probably got nowhere near the 8498 units in the 2-month period suggested by your serial.