Thursday, September 3, 2015

Blue Typewriter?

I responded to an Craigslist posting from this past weekend about antique items for sale to ask if they had sold the typewriter that was mentioned.  They wrote me right back and said that they did have the typewriter.  It was a portable in a case and it is blue.  They promised to send me a picture and tell me what brand it is.  My question to the typosphere is: What kind of blue typewriter might this be?  Even I do not know the answer yet but I promise to report back.  Looking forward to your comments!


  1. If it is truly antique and not vintage, I would suggest the following possibilities:
    A Royal model P from the early 30s
    An Underwood 4 bank from the 30s
    A Corona 4 from the same era
    Or the only Blue Underwood 3-Bank ever built and owned exclusively by none other than Theodore Roosevelt who gifted it to Elvis Presley who then gave it to John Lennon who painted it yellow and threw it into the ocean, inspiring him to write "Yellow SubTypewriter" (of which the distributing agent forced a change to Submarine so it was at least somewhat understandable). After sitting on the ocean floor for a few decades, it was found and brought back, though with its layer of yellow paint having come off revealing the original blue, by a treasure hunting team who sold it for $5 to some fellow in new England.
    But I'm betting its a Royal from the 30's.

  2. It can be a Remington Portable #2, a BlueBird, SCM Ghia design - just to add a few to the above list. "Antique" is a term widely stretched when it comes to pushing up the value of the items people have for sale.

  3. I'm gonna guess Brother JP-1 :D

  4. Another, somewhat disappointing possibility is a late Smith-Corona Corsair or the like, clad in aqua plastic.