Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Just walk away....

This weekend's typewriter safari proved to be pretty frustrating, ending in a near miss that had my head shaking.  I started my weekend going to a huge church tag sale at a place called the Clutter Barn.  I had looked longingly at that barn when it was closed, just imagining the typewriters that must be lurking.  As it turned out, there were no machines to be had.  No worries, I was not finished.  I drove by an estate sale and stopped on a whim.  "Yeah, we have two downstairs, one manual and one electric" they called when I asked if they had any typewriters.  But when I looked, only one remained...you guessed it, the manual one was gone.  Still, my hopes were high as a local yard sale the next day advertised all items $1-$3 including a "nice typewriter."  The ad also warned that there should be no early birds, so I stopped by about ten minutes before the sale was to begin.  "Oh, I'm sorry, this girl really wanted it so I sold it to her about ten minutes ago even though it was early."  Then I did something I regretted, I asked what kind it was...."Olympic, or Olympia, some German kind" I never should have asked, I should have just walked away.
I also went to the GoodWill shop and found this really cool 1920's Thomas Edison Ediphone.  New collection perhaps?  It's still at that store for $80 if anyone is interested!


  1. Yeah, the mear-misses can be heartbreaking, especially when they fill you in on the details.. "Oh yeah, sold that weird thing 10 minutes ago for $5, didn't think anyone would want it. The name on it? oh, seems like I remember it was named after that boxer in the 80's, "Spinks" or "Sphinx" something like that.." :O

  2. Darn you, now I have to look for a Sphinx! ;-)

  3. How frustrating!

    I've seen those Ediphones and the like for sale sometimes. Seem like really neat gadgets. Of course, I need another big old gadget like a need a hole in the head ...