Sunday, March 1, 2015

Typewriters for Writers

I want to take a moment to promote a book that been very helpful to me as I've started my typewriter collection: Typewriters for Writers by Scott Schad.  Every typewriter collector and anyone who wants to use a typewriter on a regular basis should get Scott's book.  Scott covers the basic features of a typewriter, how to use a typewriter, how to find a typewriter and how to avoid having a broken typewriter shipped to you. Scott is a typewriter collector himself,  you can tell that Scott loves his machines as he describes the many, many typewriters that make up his own collection.  The title of Scott's book, Typewriters for Writers describes his main focus.  Scott appreciates these machines as tools for writing as well as objects of beauty.  Scott's book will guide you to the perfect writing machine that you can use to create your own novel.

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