Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Corona Sterling Streamlined

It's a good idea to let your friends know that you are collecting typewriters.  This is how I found the newest addition to my collection, a 1938 Corona Sterling Streamlined.  I have coveted these machines since I first saw them on some other blogs in the typosphere. This 1938 Corona is the predecessor of my 1950's Silent-Super.  Once you have a great design you stick with it.  My 1938 actually cleaned up easier than the two Super 5's that I have restored with just a little dusting off.  This little machine types great and looks cool with its jet black finish.  

I am really struck by how different this Corona is from Remington 5 Streamline that I gave my daughter as they are both built in 1938.  The biggest difference is the floating shift of the Corona with the type bars moving up and down vs. the carriage shift of the Remington with the whole carriage moving up and down.  But it is more than that.  The Corona feels more evolved from the ribbon spools to the carriage return.  I know I am going to enjoy typing on this "new" machine.

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