Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Streamliner Update: The Drawband

I tackled the only problem that my Streamliner had today - a broken drawband.  The open mechanicals of the carriage made this fix pretty easy.  I did a bit of online research and found a misconception that I want to correct.  Two sites mentioned connecting the band to the spring itself.  One site recommended tieing the new band to part of the broken band to avoid this difficult procedure.  I found this to be unnecessary.  By winding the spring, I created a gap that allowed me to feed the new drawband into the drum and tie it off.  Problem solved, my Streamliner types great.


  1. congrats! it always feels great to complete a repair, and even better when it turns out to be easier than expected!

  2. Congratulations on your Streamliner drawband repair. So many of my typewriters have needed drawband repair - I am drawn to specimens at the junkier and beaten-up end of the spectrum.

    1. The broken drawband is really the reason I acquired this machine. The issue did keep people from bidding on this "broken" but otherwise perfect Streamliner. I would not call myself an expert, but my willingness to take on this repair allowed me to get a great deal on a machine that is routinely selling for near $200 on the Bay of e.