Monday, January 4, 2016

A Perfect Remington Arrives

One so often hears shipping tales of woe in the typosphere.  I'd like to offer proof of the positive.  I had been shopping for a Remington 5 Streamliner for almost a year after I gave the first Remington 5 I came across to my daughter.  I found a nice example offered on eBay from a woman named Rosie.  She was honest and let me know that the drawstring was broken on this machine.  We arrived at a mutually beneficial deal and Rosie shipped it to me in perfect condition.  I had sent her a link to Bryan Kruk's shipping directions on his site Typewriters 101 and Rosie followed the directions to the letter.  As you can see, I have one fine machine.  You will also notice my daily typer in the background, a 1950's Remington Quiet-Riter.  I will post a full report on the #5 once I fix that drawstring and polish it up!

1 comment:

  1. Nice! And it's great that the seller followed your packing advice.