Saturday, July 29, 2017

Typewriter Safari: Asheville, North Carolina

Once you start hunting for typewriters it's hard to stop, even when you are vacationing in Asheville, NC.  Asheville has a terrific arts scene with some typewriter images and typewriter theater!

Patricia's work can be found in an old Woolworth's store converted into an art gallery.

Walter's  work, The Art of Abandonment, had many cool images including  this Fox.

Hurry to Asheville to catch this musical theater adaptation of the children's book Click, Clack, Moo.  July 20-30.

Sweeten Creek Antiques had SO MANY typewriters!

Child's Sears Typewriter

Underwood 5 with some cool tab stops

I imagine these are accounting tab stops.

Hermes 2000 for $40 but, alas, no ribbon cover.

Here we have the common SC Sterling for about $45

A Royal Aristocrat barely hanging in there with a bent ribbon cover for about $40.  I couldn't help but unjam the keys before I walked on.

An accounting Underwood.

Remington 3 or 4, not quite sure.  Nice machine for $75.

An Underwood 3 which looks like the Underwood I just acquired for about $85.

Smith Corona Flat-Top for $85.

A Smith Corona Standard for $75

I noticed something different about this Speedline when I looked at the keyboard.  Do you see it too?  Post your guess about what made this Smith-Corona special in the comments below.

So, I ended up leaving all of these typewriters in North Carolina.  Which one might you have taken home?  Did you guess what made the Corona Speedline special?


  1. I agree with Ted. It's a mill, slashed 0 and the ampesand and underscore are reversed from most machines. Did you test type on it? I'd have picked that one up in a heartbeat. No many of those around compared to Royal & Underwood.

  2. This was fun! How much was that mill??

  3. Thanks, Asheville is a really fun city if you haven't visited. The mill it was just $75