Friday, June 30, 2017

Typewriter Safari: Worcester, MA

I've made many trips to Worcester, MA to visit my recent college graduate daughter. We like to go to Birchtree Bread Company for lunch and visit the Crompton Collective vintage shops in the basement of an old mill building on Green Street.  I walked away with a brownie from the bakery but no typewriters that day.  Which one might you have taken home?
A fun little shop in Worcester.

Nice Galaxie Deluxe for $40

It didn't travel too far to get to Worcester.

Post-War Royal QDL without a case and loose felt under the type slugs for $45.

Brother aka Webster from the mid 1960's for $92
Pre-War Royal KMM for $110.
Olivetti-Underwood Lettera 22 for $75.


  1. The QDL and maybe the L22 would have come home with me. Loose felt is easily fixable, missing case is unfortunate but no biggie.

  2. I'd have captured the Olivetti. Most of the prices look fair except for the Brother and KMM.

  3. I've been spoiled by recent craigslist acquisitions locally. At those prices... they can keep 'em. I'm a sucker for those low profile Olivetti machines, but I already have a nice 22. :-)

  4. I tried to convince a young couple to buy the QDL...told them how easy it would be to fix. I hope they went back and got it.