Wednesday, March 8, 2017

A Brother from the Same Mother

I can definitely see the appeal of these early Brother typewriters. They are full featured and type really well. Growing up in the 70's myself, this little typewriter and its cardboard/vinyl case reminded me of the toys and transistor radios that also came from Japan at that time.  Though this typer is far from a toy, I'm still holding out for a Valiant or Deluxe!


  1. I have a Webster XL-747 in the same color and also love mine. While the touch of the keys might not be as light as some European and American machines, all of my Japanese machines seem to be less problem prone. They just keep going and going.

  2. One day I may get a Brother. I read good things about them in the typosphere.
    I do have one Brother re-branded for Mongomery-Ward. Flimsy, but it does type ok.