Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Call of the Corona

I had a Corona that had been calling out to me since the fall, a 1940 Corona Sterling three-stripe Speedliner.  I really loved how the Corona decal shone from the black crinkle paint ribbon cover.  But this machine had a fatal flaw, rust that had struck the segment, springs and levers on the 7, J and N keys.  Everything else was fine and I thought I could repair it, but I ended up breaking the linkage on the N key.  I set it aside and let my frustration subside- oh if I had been more patient and had learned about Evapo-Rust sooner.  My Corona sat in a back room calling out to me.  Every time I saw that beautiful ribbon cover I  promised myself I would put it to good use.  I started keeping an eye out for a "parts machine" that could use a new ribbon cover and then I found a 1947 Silent Speedliner that was selling on the cheap because it's ribbon cover had splotches of white-out on it and one corner had some discoloration.  When this new machine arrived I was pleased to find that it was a Pica machine that was in great condition with the exception of the minor cosmetic flaws on its ribbon cover.  No worries, I had a beautiful Corona ribbon cover that was calling out to me!

The rusty fatal flaw!

Not really all that bad!

I can see the Corona 4 heritage with the cover off

Transplant Successful!