Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Richard Polt Live-Web Interview at the Type-In

Richard Polt
Responding to a comment on this blog, I asked Richard Polt if we would live-stream his presentation at the September 27th Type-In and he agreed.  The interview will be live streamed on YouTube and will be preserved on this site.  Thanks Richard for agreeing to this!  For those of you who do not know Richard Polt's work, you can check out his recent interview on the Antiques and the Arts Weekly web site.  You should also check out one of Richard's typewriter blogs.  With this interview, the Type-In will be a blast.  If you can make the trip to Burlington, Vermont on September 27th you should!  You can bring a typewriter or use one of the many that will be at the type-in.  I have been receiving many gift typewriters lately and I have a 1970's Smith-Corona in mind as a door prize.  Make your travel plans and hotel reservations now as this is also the height of fall foliage, a beautiful time to visit Vermont.