Friday, February 20, 2015

Key Choppers!

I make it a habit to check out the two Goodwill stores near me on my search for more typewriters.  I know I will find a gem one day, but frustration is all that I have found so far.  First I found a case for an Adler only to have my excitement dashed when I saw that it was an empty case.  Who took a typewriter without a case? This week I found something even worse.  When I spied a Royal  KMM in an old drum case I thought I would have a bookend for the same model I had bought a month before.  Again my hopes were dashed when I opened the case only to found that every one of the beautiful glass keys on this machine had been chopped off.  I know why people do this - to create jewelry.  But why donate this mutilated machine to Goodwill?  Richard Polt, the author of the upcoming book "The Typewriter Revolution," has said that using typewriter keys for jewelry is like cooking shark fin soup and I agree.  Look at the photos below to compare the sad machine I found today with my beautiful 1940's Royal in its prime.

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