Friday, January 2, 2015

Smith-Corona Super 5 - Sterling

In my last post I mentioned the Smith-Corona that sparked my new interest in vintage typewriters.  I thought it would be easy to find a vintage typewriter when I spotted one on Craigslist but I was a few days too late and another one did not come along.  On a lark, I checked in the local recycle shop and found this beauty.  I told them I'd take it before I realized that almost every key was stuck and the carriage did not move when I pressed the spacebar.   On the plus side, everything was intact and it came with a classic hard case.  Once I learned about releasing a carriage lock and gave it a little cleaning and a light lube, this typewriter came back to life.  It's no wonder why the Smith-Corona "Super 5" was so popular with its 1950's style, great typing action and superior durability.  But the very best thing about this typewriter is that my daughter absolutely loved it!

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