Sunday, May 31, 2015

Tell Them What You're Looking For!

I had high hopes for finding typewriters this past weekend. That's right, I said typewriters. Montpelier had a city-wide tag sale with forty-two locations. I had dreamed of coming home with a number of typewriters in the trunk of my car. I started out early and went to almost every sale. I did find a couple of typewriters for sale, a 1970's Webster, a brand for a Japanese Brother machine and a 1980's Royal that was mostly plastic. Despite not seeing any interesting machines, I let people know what I was looking for. As always, most people are delighted when you talk about typewriters. A woman brought out her 1930's Remington Boxy Number 5. She had no plans to sell it but I did get to tell her about my Type-In and show her how to change the ribbon. I went to one last church tag sale which was closing up, again no typewriters but there was a nice woman named Pam who said she might still have her old Olympia at home.  She gave me her number and said she would check. Well, she did have that Olympia, Serial #3036572, a 1967 SM8. 

You can see from the pictures, this machine is in 
perfect condition.

I have never seen mechanicals this clean!

I have a new ribbon on order and will send a typecast from this machine soon!


  1. Wonderful and looks to be in immaculate condition! I have a HUGE 1965 Olympia SG3 that I love. I want her smaller sister now.

  2. Looks like it was worth searching all day. Hard to beat those Olympias!

  3. Great find. Thanks for the comment on my SM3 quest!